Working with Big Data Systems

Ignore the skills of working with leading world technologies in the field of Big Data! In this training, you will need to use Big Data for data collection and data analytics to take advantage of the potential of your business.

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390,00 EUR // 2938,45 HRK (tečaj konverzije 7,53450)
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Our Big Data training is based on the perfect combination of theory and practice. Students will learn about the modern Big Data concepts and best practices combined with examples of Big Data analytical systems implementation in different industries and a host of examples that include practical exercises using Cloudera platform. Education encompasses the entire process of data loading up to integration, structuring and data analysis using the latest Big Data technologies.


This training is intended for anyone interested regardless of previous knowledge, whether you are a beginner in the field of Big Data analytics or you want to upgrade your knowledge.

What you will learn

After training, student will understand the architecture of Big Data systems and how to apply methods for analyzing large data over their own data sets and business cases. Also, student will learn how to use real-time tools and techniques to process data and how to manage large data efficiently.


In this module you will learn what is the Big Data analytics, where to apply it, how to use it, and which technologies to choose from.

  • Workshop

In this module, you will learn the concepts of great data and learn how to process structured and unstructured data. You will learn the Data Lake concept and the principles of work and the benefits of MPP technology.

  • Workshop

In this module you will learn how to use streaming data technology to get the information you need in a timely manner. In this module you will learn the concept of Publish-Subscribe mechanisms and data processing in the stream.

  • Workshop

In this module you will learn which best practices of managining large amount of data, and how to maintain large data analytics systems in production.

  • Workshop
How can I register for this training?

You can officially register for the training via the registration form at the top of this page. After successfully sending the application, we will get back to you within 24 hours of receiving the application.

I have not received any feedback from you. Who should I contact?

Mistakes in communication always happen, and if we don’t answer you, contact us directly at

Can training be paid in several installments?

We currently do not support payment in multiple installments.

I don't live in Zagreb, but I would like to attend the training virtually. Is there such a possibility?

Of course, all our trainings can be followed virtually.

Is there a discount for students?

Students are entitled to a 10% discount on the price shown on this page.

I don't have my own laptop for this training. Do you provide me with a computer for training?

BIRD Academy provides a computer, lunch, coffee and water for each participant. We strive to be the best host possible in every segment!

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