SQL Databases for Advanced Users

Duration: 16 hours / 2 days

Knowledge: Intermediate

Potential trainer(s): Tomislav Hlupić, Ana Novosel, Velga Mitrić, Pavle Pavišić, Bojana Halić

Language: Croatian, English

Possible locations: PI EDU center, At client premises, Virtual education in case of large groups

Training SQL Databases for Advanced Users is designed to upgrade existing SQL knowledge with advanced functionality to optimize performance and use advanced SQL functionalities. Training covers the advanced use of SQL services such as views, triggers and stored procedures which improves performance and incorporates automation mechanism.

Date 1
From 27/05/2024
to 28/05/2024
Duration: 16 hours / 2 days
390.00 EUR
* Price per attendee, price without VAT 25%
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Training SQL Databases for Advanced Users is designed to upgrade existing SQL knowledge with more advanced functionality to optimize workflow and use advanced SQL functionalities.

Training covers the advanced use of SQL servers such as views, indexes, and stored procedures enhancing performance and embedding automation mechanisms. After that, the students will go through common table expression, window functions, subqueries, functions and procedures, work with strings, work with date type data, and pivot function.

Workshops will be done on the Microsoft SQL Server database, the market leader in the database market for the last ten years, and the knowledge learned in this training can be applied to any other database (OracleMySQLPostgreSQLAmazon RedshiftGoogle Big Query).


Training is designed for all users who have basic knowledge of SQL and database work, and want to improve them to optimally use database and data. Knowledge of content covered in the training SQL Databases Fundamentals for Data Analysis is essential to mastering the contents of this training.

What you will learn

After the training, you will be prepared to work on advanced query query functionalities using SQL query language and use analytic tools (Tableau, Power BI, Excel) over the database.


  • 1. Working with views

    In this module you will learn what are views, how to create them and how to use them in typical scenarios.

    • Workshop
  • 2. Working with triggers

    In this module, you will learn what triggers are, where they can be used within a database and various implementation scenarios. All forms of triggers, syntax with them, and typical usage patterns will be covered.

    • Workshop
  • 3. Working with indexes

    This module covers the use of indexes, how they are created, their purpose and application. There will be an overview of them (B-trees), different index forms, and basic indexing strategies in databases.

    • Workshop
  • 4. Working with subqueries

    Through this module, the students will master the use of subqueries, syntax writing and optimization, and through practical examples to include the principles of support and their typical application.

    • Workshop
  • 5. Using common table expressions (cte) statements

    This module covers the area of use of common table expressions, advanced functionality that allows working with hierarchies and recursions. The module will show the syntax of writing all typical CTE applications and show their parallel with the support.

    • Workshop
  • 6. Working with stored procedures and functions

    Through this module the students will master the work with stored procedures and functions, with emphasis on the differences in implementation and use and their application in databases.

    • Workshop
  • 7. Working with string data

    In this module, special emphasis is placed on working with strings, their way of writing, built-in functions to work with strings, and typical problems that users can encounter.

    • Workshop
  • 8. Working with date data types

    The module covers working with date type data, which often creates problems for users during work. In addition to the functions to work with them, special remarks are given to the most common mistakes and problems that occur when using the date type data.

    • Workshop
  • 9. Working with window functions

    This module includes work with window functions, which allow the data to be distributed to the keys in the panes and to apply functions to them. The participants will master the syntax of the window functions, after which typical examples of usage will be displayed.

    • Workshop
  • 10. Working pivot and unpivot functions

    Through the module, the student will learn how to use pivot function, one of the most used data analytics principle. The module includes an introduction to the pivot concept, the syntax of writing PIVOT and UNPIVOT queries, the specificity of using the query itself, and the typical usage scenarios.

    • Workshop
How can I register for this training?

You can officially register for the training via the registration form at the top of this page. After successfully sending the application, we will get back to you within 24 hours of receiving the application.

I have not received any feedback from you. Who should I contact?

Mistakes in communication always happen, and if we don’t answer you, contact us directly at birdacademy@inteligencija.com.

Can training be paid in several installments?

We currently do not support payment in multiple installments.

I don't live in Zagreb, but I would like to attend the training virtually. Is there such a possibility?

The preferred form of education delivery is in on-site due to the quality of delivery. However, in the case of larger groups where all participants would be online, we can also arrange online delivery.

Is there a discount for students?

Students are entitled to a 10% discount on the price shown on this page.

I don't have my own laptop for this training. Do you provide me with a computer for training?

BIRD Academy provides a computer, lunch, coffee and water for each participant. We strive to be the best host possible in every segment!

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