Power BI modeling and DAX

Duration: 16 hours / 2 days

Knowledge: Intermediate

Potential trainer(s): Mihaela Banoci


Possible locations:

So far you have used PBI, but you did not write DAX functions because they seemed too complicated?

Are you a PBI user and would like to improve your knowledge of data modeling and DAX calculations?

Are you a PBI user and writing DAX functions, but not sure if you’re using them correctly?

Are you a PBI user and write DAX functions, but you don’t always understand the results you get on the reports?

If any of the answers is true, then you are in the right place!

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390.00 EUR
2938.45 HRK
* Price per attendee, price without VAT 25%
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Join us for a two-day training on PBI modeling and DAX, where you will get a better understanding of how DAX machines “think” and work, tips and tricks on what to do and what to avoid in terms of best practices, and generally raise your DAX skills to a higher level.


The training is designed and prepared for PBI users who already have some experience working with PBI and are familiar with the basics of modeling (knowledge of star schema, dimensional modeling, measures, evaluation context) and some basic DAX functions.

What you will learn

With this training, you will increase your knowledge of Power BI, learn how DAX works and improve your reports by writing optimal code.


  • Overview of the basics of modeling and DAX

    The basics that the participants of the education should know: old scheme, evaluation context, filter flow, measures, calculated columns.

  • Getting to know the data model

    An overview of the data model that will be used for educational purposes.

  • Tips and best practices

    Formatting and commenting DAX queries, DAX variables, error handling.

  • Scalar functions

    Common scalar functions such as rounding (TRUNC, ROUND, ..), conversion (FORMAT, INT, DATE, ..), logical (IF, AND, OR, SWITCH, ..) and information functions (ISBLANK, ISERROR, ..).

  • Advanced CALCULATE

    CALCULATE modifiers, context transition, extended tables.

  • Table and Filter functions

    Creation of calculated tables, common filtering functions (ALL, ALLSELECTED, FILTER, SUMMARIZE, ..).

  • Merging and combining data from different tables


  • Relationship functions

    Extended tables, physical and virtual relationships, common relationship functions (RELATED, RELATETABLE, USERELATIONSHIP).

  • Iterator functions

    Iterator cardinality, nested iterators, context transition, common iterator functions (SUMX, COUNTX, RANKX, ..).

  • Time Intelligence functions

    How to create a calendar table using DAX, comparison of customized time periods, working with fiscal calendars, common time intelligence functions (DATESYTD, DATEADD, PARALLELPARIOD, DATESINPERIOD, CALENDAR, ..).

How can I register for this training?

You can officially register for the training via the registration form at the top of this page. After successfully sending the application, we will get back to you within 24 hours of receiving the application.

I have not received any feedback from you. Who should I contact?

Mistakes in communication always happen, and if we don’t answer you, contact us directly at birdacademy@inteligencija.com.

Can training be paid in several installments?

We currently do not support payment in multiple installments.

I don't live in Zagreb, but I would like to attend the training virtually. Is there such a possibility?

The preferred form of education delivery is in on-site due to the quality of delivery. However, in the case of larger groups where all participants would be online, we can also arrange online delivery.

Is there a discount for students?

Students are entitled to a 10% discount on the price shown on this page.

I don't have my own laptop for this training. Do you provide me with a computer for training?

BIRD Academy provides a computer, lunch, coffee and water for each participant. We strive to be the best host possible in every segment!

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