Meet our trainers

Mihaela Banoci

Mihaela Banoci is a senior consultant in Poslovna inteligencija with over 10 years of experience in various BI projects in several industries – banking, telco, retail, insurance. Her main competences are data analysis and reporting and she is proficient in using MS Power BI and IBM Cognos Analytics reporting tools.

Tomislav Grudiček

Tomislav Grudiček is a Senior consultant at Poslovna inteligencija with 7+ years experience in Data warehouse implementation - on various domestic and international projects (banking, retail/wholesale, card processor). In his career, he has worked on projects using different technologies, Microsoft, IBM as well as Snowflake. His primary tasks are related to data integration.

Goran Gvozden

Goran Gvozden is a Senior Data Science Consultant at Poslovna inteligencija and Lecturer at Algebra University College, Zagreb. He holds a PhD degree in electrical engineering from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER). His current research interests are focused on cybersecurity, computer vision, sports analytics and IoT. His cross-functional professional background includes consulting, engineering, managerial, entrepreneurial and sales roles. He is a Microsoft Azure certified expert in the field of artificial intelligence. As a data science consultant, he combines analytics-based insights with machine learning expertise to design, build and deliver optimized business solutions.

Bojana Halić

Bojana Halić is a Senior Consultant at Poslovna inteligencija. She has 10 years’ experience with SQL through various technologies, used for different purposes. She's done analytics in retail and e-commerce, created reports and dashboards using Qlik Sense in the Telco industry, and lastly, she's into data engineering using Azure stack and Informatica PowerCenter. On top of that, she has 2 years’ experience teaching math at the College of Algebra.

Tomislav Hlupić

Tomislav Hlupić is employed at Poslovna inteligencija since 2016, where he currently holds the position of senior consultant and technical team lead. In his previous career, he was working on domestic and foreign projects in the banking and retail/wholesale industries, and additionally works as a lecturer at university courses related to BI, Data Science and databases. He received his doctorate on the topic of data lake architecture at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb. He has held numerous trainings in various areas of business intelligence and data warehousing and regularly holds lectures at domestic and foreign conferences.

Jelena Jančiev Basrak

Jelena Jančiev Basrak is a business analyst with rich business and IT experience, primarily in the financial sector (Erste bank, KPN Nederland, Postbank Nederland), but also in pharmacy (Pliva), manufacturing (Philips Nederland), and in the press (De Telegraaf). In any case, she is the right person if you have questions about data, for data (and its analysis), as well as how to explain a business problem in a nice analytical presentation.

Ivan Kesedžić

Ivan Kesedžić is employed at Poslovna inteligencija as a consultant in the field of Data Science and Data Engineering. He finished his PhD studies on the topic of biomedical data processing and machine learning at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb. In his daily work, he uses Microsoft Azure, SQL, and Python, since his primary tasks are related to data analytics and integration.

Velga Mitrić

Velga Mitrić is employed at Poslovna inteligencija as an Associate Consultant in the Data Migration department and currently participates in the data migration project for Informa. Before coming to PI, Velga gained 5 years of experience as a database administrator where, in addition to other daily DBA tasks, she participated in the design, implementation and maintenance of complex HA systems. Velga primarily worked with Microsoft technologies such as SQL, SSIS, SSRS, Power BI, Dynamics 365...

Mateja Novaković

Mateja Novaković is a consultant at Poslovna inteligencija with an expertise in Data Science and Business Analytics. She has 10 years of work experience in the financial sector and has completed various professional educations and study programs. Her interests lie in finding wholesome solutions for any business problem, and her work tasks are related to data analytics and modeling.

Ana Novosel

Ana Novosel has been employed at Poslovna inteligencija since 2015. She currently works as a senior consultant in the Consulting & Implementation department. Her professional work is mainly focused on business intelligence consulting in pharmaceutical and telecom industries and research on data integration and new architectures of analytical systems.She holds several internationally recognized certificates and licences in the field of data integration development.

Pavle Pavišić

Pavle Pavišić has been employed at Poslovna inteligencija since 2021. He is currently working as a consultant in the role of technical lead on a Telekom Slovenije project. His primary responsibility is data warehouse integration (DWH), where he uses technologies such as Informatica PowerCenter, Oracle, and languages ​​such as PL/SQL. In addition, he works as a lecturer at the College of Algebra, where he teaches Python.

Kristijan Pavlović

Kristijan Pavlović is employed as a consultant at Poslovna inteligencija. He is a Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer and currently works on projects with popular technologies such as Airflow, Kafka and Spark, as well as Docker or Kubernetes. His main areas of interest are designing, building and monitoring data processing systems.

Nikica Ramljak

Nikica Ramljak zaposlen je Poslovnoj inteligenciji na poziciji višeg konzultanta. Primarne kompetencije u radu su mu podatkovna analiza, modeliranje podataka i izvještavanje, a za to koristi IBM Cognos Analytics i MS Power BI alate. Ima preko 15 godina radnog iskustva na raznim BI projektima u nekoliko industrija – banka, telco, retail i osiguranje.

Iva Slavić

Iva Slavić has been a consultant in Consulting & Implementation department at Poslovna Inteligencija since 2021. She had prior experience as business analyst in telco industry. Currently, she is working on IBM Planning Analytics and Tableau projects of data analysis and reporting solutions development.

Marko Štajcer

Marko Štajcer is the director of the Innovation and Development Department in Poslovnoj inteligencija, where he is responsible for research and the introduction of new technologies and the development of Big Data applications. He also participates in complex data integration and advanced analytics projects in the role of system architect, lead consultant and project manager.

Filip Strunjak

Filip Strunjak is a Senior Consultant at Poslovna inteligencija where he has been employed since 2018. He has experience on several projects related to different industries where he applied his main competencies - data integration and business intelligence. He is currently focused on data engineering projects primarily based on cloud technologies.

Barbara Trojko

Barbara Trojko is a consultant at Poslovna inteligencija where she has been employed since 2020. She has prior experience in the telco industry and is currently working as BI Developer. Her main tasks are analyzing business users requests and building reporting solutions.