Meet our trainers

Ana Marija Balen

Ana-Marija Balen is a consultant in the Data Management department in Poslovna inteligencija. She came to Poslovna inteligencija through the BIRD Academy Internship program and has been successfully working on data warehouse construction projects in the Telco industry for 3 years now. In addition, she has experience in data migration, as well as other projects related to data anonymization and GDPR. The primary tool it rules is Informatica PowerCenter – the leading ETL platform for data integration, and SQL is in its little finger.

Karlo Duganić

Karlo Duganić works as a consultant within the Data Management department in Poslovna inteligencija. He spent most of his time working on data integration projects within the telecom industry using data integration tools.

Kristijan Pavlović

Kristijan Pavlović is employed in Poslovna inteligencija as a Software Engineer in the Innovation and Development department. His primary interests are the development of solutions in the field of data analytics and Big Data.

Lada Banić

Lada Banić is a senior consultant in the business analytics department at Poslovna inteligencija. She has been dealing with data science, data mining and machine learning for more than ten years. During her work, she worked on numerous projects related to data warehouses, behavioral analytics, but also a larger number of projects that included predictive and descriptive analytics, such as predicting user churn, predicting employee churn, user segmentation, SNA, semantic analysis, and the like. She also holds trainings in the field of data science and participates in conferences.

Marko Štajcer

Marko Štajcer is the director of the Innovation and Development Department in Poslovnoj inteligencija, where he is responsible for research and the introduction of new technologies and the development of Big Data applications. He also participates in complex data integration and advanced analytics projects in the role of system architect, lead consultant and project manager.

Matija Draženović

Matija is Consultant in Poslovnoj inteligencija's Microsoft department. He has experience working in the banking industry, development (SSIS) and BI (Power BI, SSRS). He developed Business Intelligence for clients such as the international company SEDCO and domestic companies Autohrvatska and Konzum. He has experience working on data anonymization on the Microsoft platform.

Tomislav Hlupić

Tomislav Hlupić is employee of Poslovna inteligencija since 2016 as a consultant role in the Microsoft department. In his previous BI career, he has worked on domestic and foreign projects in the banking and retail sector, and additionally works as a lecturer at universities for BI and Data Science. In parallel, he is pursuing a doctorate at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing with a focus on new architectures and support for advanced analytics. So far, he has held several trainings in various areas of business intelligence and data storage.