Learn data analytics skills in the age of digital economy

Learn Data Analytics skills that matter

Learn the data analytics skills that will enable you to take full data potential regardless of the industry you are working on. Learn all data analytics skills starting from data modelling, working with leading analytics database vendors, statistics, data visualization and machine learning.

Enable your organization to be data-driven

Data-driven organizations are more innovative, which results in better products or services and profitablity. Our trainings provide your talents to acquire data analytics skills that will enable innovation throughout the organization.

BIRD Academy trainings

Learn Data Analytics skills that matter

Why BIRD Academy trainings?

Trainings crafted by data experts

BIRD Academy is part of Poslovna inteligencija, which is leading consulting company in South Eastern Europe for Data Analytics market with more than 120 employees. Data, analytics and solving our clients challenges is part of our everyday work!

Flexible training environment

We provide all training methods whether it’s in-house, virtual or blended class. We are helping our clients to find training method that fits their needs.

Trainings in diverse technologies

We have insane training experience with leading Data Analytics vendors like Microsoft, Tableau, Informatica, IBM, Cloudera, Vertica and other big names in data analytics space.

Our trainings have been recognized by leading companies in the industry

A1 Telekom
Aestus Group
OIV – Digitalni signali i mreže
United Group

Let the data work for you!

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